An Outdoor Kitchen Remodel May Be For You

Cooking outdoors can be a perfect addition to the usual meal planning process at home. Being out and about brings a freshness to the daily family dinner that adds a cheerful feel to what’s ordinary. To integrate an outdoor kitchen upgrade, not much space is required. The area just needs to be accessible and functional.


The distance to the indoor kitchen is something to be acknowledged while preparing your outside kitchen renovation project. The more versatile this kitchen is from your indoor one, the fewer steps to take your food, dinnerware, and cookware from place to place. You will also increase the time you can use this new cooking and serving area by providing an extended, enclosed outdoor kitchen. Its top benefit is perfect for entertaining and get-togethers. Having one can also increase the market value of the house.


Your kitchen equipment and the appliance must be outdoor-friendly. You can find an outdoor version of any indoor appliance. But you don’t need to have any of each. Only think about the things that you’re going to do in your outside kitchen. You don’t need an outdoor blender or something. Ponder on the appliances to invest in. Grills, sinks, and mini-fridges are common equipment for outdoor cooking. Look for freestanding ones so you can effortlessly transport them from one place to another or stock it in your storage. Built-in ranges are convenient for storing items. Preferably in a dry place, a cabinet under the sink is a smart storage location for fire logs, charcoal, and cleaning supplies. Have drawers next to your grilling station, with your utensils needed for that outdoor grill action like hot pads, tongs, and matches. Decide what type of cabinets and countertops to have installed that are weather-friendly. Choose from hard and durable materials like stone, slate, and tile.

Dining Experience

Most importantly, you want an alfresco kitchen with space to dine. Reflect on what measurements are appropriate for your cooking and dining spaces and what best works with the whole family. If you’re unlucky with space, there are clever techniques for maximizing the size of the area. By including bar stools that can increase countertop space, simple elements can inspire more social gatherings.


Last of all, consider where the sun hits this area of the house. You might want to put a charming pergola over your dining area. Think about the perfect lights for your open-air kitchen. You can pick recessed or pendant lights that can add extra oomph to the ambiance at night. Ask your contractor about UL-rated Wet fixtures that can withstand any weather. Since you’ll be having most freestanding appliances, you’ll need an electricity source to power the lights and equipment. Place an outlet close to the main cooking area to make the most of the space.

Having an outdoor kitchen is a good thing for your family and friends. Why stay inside when you can cook and enjoy nature at the same time. Having an expansive outdoor kitchen can bring more wonderful memories with your family in the comfort of your home. It’s possible to have a cheap kitchen remodel Chicago with the right team and design.

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