Kitchen Design Fails

Some homeowners get too excited and ambitious with the kitchen renovation; they forget to include some of the most important concepts to have a functional kitchen. Don’t be one of them. Your kitchen is not just a cooking space; it’s for entertaining and dining as well. Intense preparation is essential, and you wouldn’t want to miss out on anything. Aside from exploring kitchen remodeling Chicago themes and ideas, learn about some helpful tips and tricks. Research about budget-friendly materials that are pertinent to your kitchen design.

Kitchen Triangle Theory is Dead

Though some designers believe it is still the best way to design a kitchen, more experts claim it is not. It was a good rule of thumb back in the day, but at present, it doesn’t apply to most kitchens. The kitchen work triangle theory is a philosophy of the refrigerator, sink, and range in a working triangle form. Way back 40’s it was appropriate since kitchens had one sole purpose - that is cooking. Today, the kitchen is a multipurpose space where flexibility and versatility are fundamentals of the design concepts are also best laid out in stations – a station for meal preparation, food storage, cleanup, and cooking.

Designing for Only One Person

Let’s say you hired a designer, and you have meetings weekly, just the two of you. Sometimes, the design gets too personal, and custom made exactly for you without considering other people that live with you at home. Believe it or not, it happens. Often, designers miss considering the height of the people who will use the kitchen. There are instances where the kitchen island and the sink are too short for tall families, or the cabinets are too high for short people. These little things matter a lot. If the designer doesn’t bring this up with you, act and involve your whole family in the design process so that every one of you can meet the family’s needs and lifestyle.

Not Letting Go of the Old

If you haven’t heard of Marie Kondo, then you should go look her up. She is a Japanese organizing expert that makes you throw away things that don’t spark joy anymore. Anyway, with your new kitchen, you probably upgraded your appliances and bought a few kitchen items. Perhaps you wanted to match your contemporary kitchen with new high-grade cookware, but you still can’t throw your old pots and pans. Don’t just store them somewhere. Say your goodbyes and enjoy your latest purchases. Focus on your newly renovated kitchen.

Ignoring the Big Picture

Some homeowners concentrate on the design they want for the kitchen, leaving some points behind. Have consultations with your designer at your house instead of a showroom. In this way, it is easy for both to envision what is possible for the renovation. If you insist on fitting more than five people in your kitchen, then the designer might suggest knocking down a wall or have it open and extended to the large dining room. However, this might jeopardize the scope and proportions of the other room. You’ll have a kitchen that might be bigger than your living room. It wouldn’t be right. You still need to adjust and keep your house unified. Explore other more strategic options rather than taking shortcuts or being too ambitious with the kitchen design.

Hire expert designers to handle your kitchen remodeling Chicago IL. Prepare yourselves for the kitchen remodel. Work with experts who can provide you safer and smarter options. They will guide you on every step of the remodeling and help you get through the more challenging stages.

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