How to Pull Off an All-White Kitchen Remodel

Going for an all-white kitchen is always a classic choice. A lot of people believe that you can never go wrong with white; however, you can. Choosing the wrong tones and hues of white can end you up with an all-white hospital theme kitchen. Don’t be mindless and learn about your colors. What are the offsets of lights and darks? You should know these things to pull off an all-white kitchen that is still unique from the others. Also, before you implement this Pinterest-worthy white kitchen, have a reality check. It all boils down to how it matches your lifestyle. Since you’re up for a kitchen remodel Chicago, contemplate how it can hold up with your daily activities like cooking and cleaning routine.

Your Budget

As for any remodeling projects, the first step is to recognize how much you are willing to spend on your white kitchen. Obviously, you will have white cabinets, but don’t settle for the low to medium quality types. The cheap wood material won’t stick with you in the long run. You have to consider the maintenance of your whole kitchen. If you’re generous, apply a high-gloss finish on your cabinet doors. Applying the smooth finish will make cleaning and wiping easier. When it comes to quality and durability, don’t skimp your budget. Prepare for the hidden costs that might come up when you least expect it.

Cooking Routine

Reflect on how often you will use the kitchen for cooking and preparing meals. Not all kitchens have the same cook time. Some people order take-outs more than cooking the food themselves. If you’re one of those who enjoys fixing up big gatherings, Sunday brunches, and such - expect heavy work done in your kitchen. Whipping up meals requires tidying up. Hefty labor in your kitchen may injure and damage the foundation of the room. Naturally, to avoid that requires extra effort in maintaining the place. More cooking means more stains, splashes, and other others are more visible in a white kitchen. Ask yourself if you’re willing to go through strict maintenance to keep your kitchen looking good as new.

Cleaning Schedule

If you think you like cleaning, think twice. Imagine yourself added chores and tasks in maintaining the whiteness of your kitchen. After the remodeling, you’ll be excited with housework and tidying up, but can you commit to a demanding cleaning schedule in the future? Like most white objects, being white itself makes it high maintenance. Cracks and smudges appear more prominently than having dark-colored cabinets. Your counters and stations require regular wiping off for fingerprint marks, grease, grime, and smudges. You’ll also need an exhaust hood for your cooking to eliminate airborne particles from penetrating and soiling materials in the room.

The Sun

Over time, your cabinets and counters tend to tarnish in a yellowish shade when exposed to direct sunlight. You should protect your equipment and know what materials will get affected by sun exposure. Without proper defense from the harsh sun can cause you to regret it only after a few years from the renovation. Before jumping into an all-white theme, consider how much sun gets in the room every day to know what areas are potentially affected. Have curtains and shaded as a guard for the damaging rays of the sun. There are numerous ways to resolve this matter; just consult with your contractor for smarter options.

The Long Haul

Let’s be honest, how many months were you able to maintain your white sneakers. A few months, maybe? This project is a grave matter where you must know how committed you are in keeping things spick and span. If you’re in this for the long haul, go ahead. Have an all-white kitchen remodel Chicago IL.

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