Guidelines for Your Kitchen Lighting Chicago

There are three types of kitchen lighting, Accent, Ambient, and Task.

  • Ambient lighting is the general lighting, this is the primary source of light.

  • Accent lighting is the direct light to what you would like to illuminate, like pottery, artworks, souvenirs, or even plants.

  • Task lighting is most of the time being used for small objects with low contrast.

Kitchen lighting is absolutely important as it maximizes the visibility of the space. Food preparation will be troublesome if the proper lighting is placed.

Goal and Expectation

When identifying what kind of lighting you like to use in your kitchen, we must focus on what is your goal. Maintaining cleanliness in every part of the kitchen is important, thus proper lighting plays a good role in this project.

Are you aiming for warm yellowish light, warm crisp white, or different shades from cool to warm? Make sure to finalize what you like before moving to the next steps to complete your plan.

Your budget

You might be thinking that lighting is one of the finishing touches of this process and will only require a small amount of money. Your budget will still depend on what kind of lights will be used. Is your goal only to get proper lighting in the kitchen? Or you would like the costly lights with styles? Are you willing to spend beyond what is allocated for this? Whatever your answer could be, always keep in mind what you can only afford.

Design and Theme

Lighting is very important as this will emphasize the beauty of your kitchen, it is essential to maintain the design of your kitchen. Thus, light design should complement the theme of your kitchen. If you are unsure, you may get suggestions from your family and friends. You may also check online and in magazines for the new light designs.


Make sure to be aware of the shipment period. If you have contracted with a designer, take time to communicate with them to ensure products arrive as scheduled. It would be better if the items are readily available ahead of time to prevent delays in the completion of the project.

Bring out that creative side of yours!

With the available types of lights in the market nowadays, it is difficult to decide what to choose. The process may be a bit tough, yet very enjoyable. Share your inputs with your contractor, bring out your creativeness. Anyway, it is your kitchen, your preferences matter. Talk to us now, Kitchen Lighting Chicago will be delighted to make your dream kitchen to life.

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